Saving Gas With Truck Bed Covers In Arizona

Saving money on gas can be difficult when having a pickup truck. Pickup trucks give you a lot of towing capacity, but in return, you give up on fuel economy. Luckily, there are ways to obtain better gas mileage without buying a smaller vehicle!

One of them is getting tonneau covers in Arizona. These covers help you save gas while also improving your miles per gallon.

But, how does it work? Do tonneau covers save gas? Let’s find it out.

High quality tonneau cover in Phoenix

What Is A Tonneau Cover?

Truck owners spend a lot of money on tonneau bed covers because they offer safety, storage, and protection from many weather conditions.

Tonneau covers are hard or soft covers that you put in the back of a pickup truck to protect the load and improve aerodynamics. They come in many styles that retract, fold, or tilt open. In some cases, they can also be locked shut.

They are great for protecting tools from getting damaged by weather. Additionally, they keep snow out and ensure your cargo does not overheat.

Tonneau covers do not only protect storage but also offer security for long-term cargo. You can take your items wherever you want without stressing about safety.

How Drag Affects Your Pickup Truck’s Performance

Drag is one of the most important things that influence your car’s fuel economy. Drag can easily improve a pickup truck’s performance. It can also contribute to the car’s speed.

Sadly, pickup trucks have a ‘non-aerodynamic’ design, which affects their performance, and that’s when Phoenix tonneau covers become a necessity.

Pickup trucks have a rear bed and tailgate that scoops and traps airflow while it travels over the roof. The air becomes trapped, affecting the aerodynamic properties of the car. This situation forces the engine to work harder to fight the drag effect.

Tonneau Covers Diminish Drag And Improve Aerodynamics

As you can see, the design of pickup trucks can make fuel economy a challenge, but with tonneau covers, there’s a better result.

Tonneau covers reduce drag, which is the big issue with aerodynamics, especially if you drive a pickup truck. Less drag means a less-forced engine, plus, faster speeds with a smoother sensation. With tonneau covers you can operate your car more efficiently, and –in the long term– it should also improve your fuel economy.

Do Tonneau Covers Save Gas Then?

Yes, they do improve your vehicle’s gas mileage. Without tonneau covers, pickup trucks’ beds act like a bucket catching all the air that goes through them while driving. As we said before, that drag makes the car’s engine work harder, and as result, the car wastes more gas.

Tonneau covers improve gas mileage because they seal the pickup truck bed to improve aerodynamics.

Are Arizona Truck Bed Covers The Only Way To Save Gas?

Although truck bed covers are great for saving gas, they are not the only way to improve gas mileage. Savings with tonneau covers are modest and will vary depending on other factors like the type of truck and the driving habits.

Other ways to improve fuel economy include keeping regular vehicle maintenance. It will maintain the engine and fuel delivery systems in great condition.

You shouldn’t overwork the engine by carrying cargo that could affect fuel consumption. For example, overusing accessories like AC and air heaters.

Other gadgets like interior lights, headlights, and radios can also affect your vehicle’s fuel consumption. That doesn’t mean you cannot use them, but be mindful about it. Avoid using these accessories every time you drive, especially if you drive for several hours.

Other Things To Consider With Tonneau Covers

While it’s true that tonneau covers reduce drag, other things may negatively affect your fuel economy already.

A truck bed cover may reduce fuel consumption when you drive on open roads, but it may not have the same effect when stopping and starting in traffic.

Besides, you should properly take care of your vehicle, even if you already bought tonneau covers in Arizona. Consider these recommendations:

  • Keep the tires inflated
  • Check your air filter to make sure it’s clean
  • Keep your pickup truck in good alignment
  • Avoid driving too fast at all times! That will only worsen your fuel economy!

Where To Find Truck Bed Covers in Arizona?

Now that you know that tonneau covers save fuel and keep your gear safe, it’s time for you to contact Truck Access Plus to get the best truck cover for you. Truck Access Plus offers quick installation service, inventory on hand, and expert advice on all styles of tonneau covers, cargo management, and more!

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