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retraxone mx retractable tonneau cover for pickup truck bed


  • Manual retractable bed cover, simple to use; no maintenance required
  • Lockable at any distance on rail, glides on sealed-ball bearings
  • Polycarbonate construction, strong enough to stand on
  • Matte black UV protected finish
  • Retracts into 11″ compact spiral canister
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Roll-N-Lock Retractable Bed Cover

roll n lock retractable truck bed covers

What sets Roll-N-Lock’s M-Series tonneau cover construction apart from the competition is not just the superior quality of our vinyl surface material, but also the design of the slatted aluminum substrate which supports the vinyl. Each Roll-N-Lock slat is rotatively joined by an interlocking hinge. It is the geometry of this uniquely-contoured hinge that lends Roll-N-Lock tonneau covers their strength, quiet, smooth, non-binding movement and roll compactness. Close examination of the Roll-N-Lock hinge in the flat position reveals the fact that each slat is inseparably locked together, yet when rotated, no metal-to-metal contact occurs.

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RetraxPRO MX GMC Truck Bed Cover
  • Constructed from heavy-duty aluminum slats that are able to support  up to 500 lb on top.
  • The cover can be locked open in any position along the rail to allow unlimited hauling flexibility.
  • The RetraxPRO MX feature the Legendary Lifetime Guarantee for the failure of materials and workmanship.
  • MX covers are given a rugged and durable matte powdercoat finish for both style and dependability.
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Retractable Tonneau Covers

Retractable pickup truck bed covers are the easiest style of tonneau cover to use. These hard rolling truck bed covers provide instant access to the truck bed, protect valuable cargo, and will provide maximum weather protection. The two industry leading brands for retractable truck covers are Retrax and Roll N Lock.

A retractable tonneau cover is the easiest style of truck bed cover to use because it retracts into a compact canister. There are several styles of retractable truck bed covers in Phoenix, Arizona which are available for same day installation. Roll N Lock and Retrax are the industry leading brands for hard rolling tonneau covers offering maximum security, weather protection, and best warranty. Truck Access Plus has a full size showroom in Phoenix, Arizona of the best styles of retractable pickup truck bed covers in the USA. Free installation while you wait on all retractable tonneau covers in Arizona.

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