Truck Bed Covers & Tonneau Covers

Tonneau loosely translates to protection – in our dictionary, anyway. Tempe Tonneau covers come in a variety of options, from soft bed covers to hard, retractable, uber-durable covers all that protect and conceal the entirety of the truck bed and protect your truck’s paint, bed and the cargo inside from getting scorched by the sun or worse, stolen. Hard folding covers can make for a great table when in place on the truck bed, and protect from weather damage like hail, and keep your summer toys, camping gear, truck parts, tool boxes, luggage (and anything else you can put in your truck!) dry and protected. Built in picnic table? We think yes.

Under the tonneau cover we’re sure you’ll want your truck bed protected with a truck bed liner. With or without a tonneau cover, we find that our customers like the extra reassurance when offroading or getting to their favorite camping spot. Truck bed liners protect the bed’s interior from scratches, dings, dents and other more major damage when offroading, four wheeling and destination-seeking in any weather. The summer heat is enough to inspire protecting your truck bed, and add in dust, dirt and debris, monsoons, hail or heavy wind and we can guarantee you will want to ensure that your upcoming camping trip doesn’t come with a side of heartache (aka: truck bed damage).

Side Steps & Nerf Bars

We are not all blessed with long legs and fantastic coordination and luckily there are even options for your truck to deal with those issues. Side steps add the four wheeling look that everyone wants on their truck and provides a safe way for passengers to get in and out of the vehicle. No more worrying about worn out seats and mistaking how high the truck is – especially if it is lifted – with Tempe side steps there is no hassle, worry or stress of who can or can not ride in your truck, and therefore who can or can not explore with you this summer. With the added protection of steel side steps on your truck you won’t have to worry about rocks or debris offroad as they help protect the sides and undercarriage from getting scratched or dented. Having even just a little bit more steel between you and the road can mean that much less damage at the end of the day. No one needs added worry when four wheeling up a mountain!

Toolboxes For Trucks In Phoenix, AZ

There are many ways of organizing your cargo for summer trips, and many times it ends up a carefully planned and executed strategy so that everything fits – and please no one touch anything. The unpacking and hoping you wrote blueprints of how it originally fit in the truck is what becomes the headache. Thankfully our line of cargo management options that includes bags, tool boxes and cargo bars all offer a much better and safer option for your things, snacks, drinks and gear and the friends trying to help you unload. On a hot summers day when getting to the top of your four wheeling path is all you want to think about, the last thing you need is hearing your drinks (and lets just hope they are not glass) and snacks rolling around everywhere in the bed of your truck. A smashed bag of potato chips can ruin just about any good day. Tool boxes and cargo bags keep everything together in one place, organized and safe as that can be enough stress when you have two dogs and four people all curious if you really know what switchback or “use low gear” means.

Truck Access Plus cares about the safety and integrity of your truck and truck bed. That is why with our protection line of cargo bags, tool boxes, tonneau covers in Tempe and side steps we ensure that summer fun will no longer include hours of wondering and worrying what will go wrong. Just fun in the Tempe, Arizona sun, with organized snacks and drinks and a very protected truck bed. Contact us for more information!

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