Who Makes The Best Truck Side Steps?

Side steps provide peace of mind, safety and convenience to your truck and the explorations that come along with it. Regardless of if you drive an SUV or truck, it can provide strain and stress to have to jump in and out of your vehicle every time you want to get in it. Of course downsizing isn’t an option when your love for 4 BIG wheels runs deep and a Prius just can’t handle the business you do – we’d love to see pictures of a ladder or lumber in the back of it though.

Arizona truck side steps make a great option for solving this issue and protecting your vehicle and knees. Truck Access Plus has the technology to equip your truck with stainless steel or black side steps, having you in and out and on the road within a lunch break. Our personal favorite for truck side steps? Steelcraft. The integrity of the brand, engineering and strength make Steelcraft our go-to for truck side steps. Other brands such as Lund do a great job providing truck side steps but we maintain that structural soundness and ease are important to our customers and Steelcraft provides just that.

Truck Access talks about who makes the best side truck steps.

Steelcraft truck side steps

Side steps run along the truck’s edge from the front to rear doors so that it provides access to the passengers getting in or out of the back as well. With traction cut-outs there is no need to worry about slipping from a metal bar to the ground and our guaranteed install will have you stepping up in life. (Ha.)

As the leader in truck side step engineering, Steelcraft is built to last and made to withstand any weather or adventure you truck endures. Available in both black and stainless steel, Steelcraft side steps will match any truck or SUV and can be installed on any truck manufacturer whether Toyota, Ford, Chevy, Dodge or Jeep. You name it, we install it. One of the best features of Steelcraft side steps is their drill free installation. That means there won’t be any extra holes on Betsy and means less stress on you. Each Steelcraft side step is equipped with step pads that ensure the safety of anyone entering or exiting the truck. Made from polyethylene they provide a slip-free step. We sell Steelcraft side steps as a pair, and for obvious reasons. Two side steps are much better than one.

You will be getting much more than style when you decide to go with a set of Arizona truck side steps from Steelcraft. Manufacturer warranties mean that if for some unforeseeable reason something goes wrong with your side steps, you won’t have to worry about what that means for you.

Visit our Side Step tab on our website to read more about warranties and installation.

Side Step How To

Of course we recommend having a professional install your Steelcraft truck side steps but here are some things to be aware of.

  • Installation requires hardware, so if you’re not heading down to Truck Access Plus to get your new truck side steps installed keep these things in mind.
  • Read the installation instructions. It may seem tedious and obvious but often this is the first step in the wrong direction when installing new hardware on your truck is not worth five minutes of reading.
  • Have your tools handy.
  • Be prepared with a drill and to replace the factory holes (if using Steelcraft side steps) with the side step mounts.
  • After the mounts are anchored, connect the side steps.
  • If the side steps have included lights this should be left to a professional, as they will have to be connected to your vehicle’s electrical system.

Truck Access best truck side steps.
There are many things to consider when installing side steps and choosing the right brand for you. We know there are tons of options in the truck side step world, from Dee Zee to Romik, Lund and Westin but Steelcraft offers the best of the best when you’re about to install truck side steps for your Arizona adventures.

Truck Access Plus has a large inventory of Steelcraft side bars in stock at our Phoenix location. We carry black and stainless steel and can have your truck side steps installed and you out the door within little time. Visit us today to install your new Steelcraft truck side steps. Contact us today!

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