Tonneau Cover Troubleshooting Help

A Phoenix tonneau cover will protect your truck bed from the unpredictable Arizona weather and provide security from truck cargo thefts. In addition to weather protection, truck bed covers offer maximum security protection. A tonneau cover minimizes the risk of theft — what’s out of sight is out of mind.

You can keep them safe from the harsh Arizona storms that roll through during monsoon season, protecting them from rust and other water damage.

But you have to take care of any truck bed cover as well as it takes care of your truck bed — otherwise, it soon won’t offer the protection you need. Here are some problems that you may experience with your tonneau cover with a few tips for what you might need to do:

Leaking Cover

Tonneau covers are designed to be watertight. They keep the rain out, even during the heaviest of Arizona monsoon storms.

If you are getting water in your truck bed, you need to check the seals to make sure that they are intact and that they are tight. Sometimes, the seals will come off or will come loose, and they need to be replaced.

Noisy Cover

A properly installed and fitted tonneau cover will fit snugly across the bed of your truck. It shouldn’t make any noise, and you shouldn’t even notice that it’s there.

If you are driving down the road and hear the cover flapping in the wind, something is wrong. Most likely, the cover is loose. You can check the fit and see if you can tighten the cover using a mechanism included with the cover. If that doesn’t work, you may need to double check that you have purchased the right size cover for your particular truck.

If fit isn’t the issue, you will need to check the seals. Sometimes, air can get in under the cover because the seal has been broken, and that can allow the cover to flap in the breeze. The continual movement will also stretch out and wear down the cover more quickly, so it is important that you correct this issue as quickly as possible. Make sure the cover is as tight as a drum to prevent any issues.

Cover Doesn’t Fit Right

Not every tonneau cover fits every truck. The first thing you’ll want to do is make sure that you have purchased the right size cover for your particular truck. You can either check the specific models listed for the cover, or you can get out your measuring tape and check the area.

If you have the right size, you then need to check to be sure that the cover is installed correctly. If the installation is correct, check the seal and the hardware. Something might have come loose or even broken off, causing the cover to pull away in certain areas.

Defective or Missing Seal

Any truck bed cover will wear down over time. However, there are certain issues that can cause them to wear down even faster.

If the seal on your tonneau cover is defective or missing, you’ll want to make sure that the cover fits correctly, that it is installed properly, and that it does not have any other defective parts. A breakdown in the structure of the cover or the way it fits can allow for water damage and other types of damage that can affect the seal.

Just replace the seal if it has become damaged or fallen off. Allowing the cover to remain without the seal will lead to other issues, such as allowing water into the bed or letting wind under the cover, causing it to flap around as you drive and wear down faster.

Cover Won’t Open or Becomes Stuck

Your tonneau cover should glide as smooth as butter when you are opening it or closing it. Yet over time, you may notice that the cover is a little harder to operate or even becomes stuck.

Check the reputation of any truck bed cover before you buy. Some are cheaper than others for a reason — they aren’t the best quality, and it will show in their performance.

If you have purchased a good cover and you are still having this problem, check out the hardware. Something may be rusted, might need to be oiled, or might be otherwise damaged.

You can prevent some of these issues by purchasing a high-quality tonneau cover and keeping it well-maintained. Truck Access Plus has some of the best truck bed covers on the market, including tonneau covers, hard folding covers, soft trifold covers, and more. Choose the best truck bed cover to suit your needs and to enhance the look of your truck. We also sell cargo management systems and other truck accessories to help you get the most out of your truck loading options. Explore our online catalog or visit us in Phoenix for help selecting the right products. We also offer same-day installation since we have a large inventory of products.

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