Selecting the Right Bed Liner for your Chandler Truck and Needs

A bed liner can protect your truck’s bed and minimize the risk of rust and other damage. You’ll protect the look of your truck as well as its structural integrity for years to come. That will help you save money on potential repairs and will protect the value of your truck’s investment.

In Chandler, having truck bed protection is even more important. A truck bed liner, for example, can protect the bed from the extreme temperatures, heavy rains, and even hail that is so common during the summers.

Selecting the Right Bed Liner for your Chandler Truck and Needs

Here are a few options for truck bed protection, with information about how each meets your particular needs:

BedRug Bed Liner

The BedRug Bed Liner is a soft truck bed liner that’s similar to a carpet. It provides a soft landing so that heavy equipment and tools don’t leave a big dent or scratch on the metal when you throw them in the bed. The liner covers the entirety of the bed, not just the floor, so it provides maximum protection for the bed.

The BedRug Bed Liner also provides some grip for your equipment so that it doesn’t slide around as much in the back of the truck when you are driving. Use this bed liner in conjunction with some other cargo management system, like a cargo bar, and you’ll hold all your equipment firmly in place while you are driving, preventing any dents, scratches or other damage to your costly machinery and tools.

BedTred Bed Liner

You may not like the feel of carpet, or you may not like having to clean it up. If you carry mulch, gravel or similar materials in your truck a lot, that will get stuck into the fibers of the BedRug Bed Liner. You can opt for the BedTred Bed Liner to get the same benefits without the carpet fibers.

The BedTred Bed Liner is made of a textured, non-slip material that is custom fitted to your truck. It even goes over the grooves of the truck bed floor. You’ll think that it’s a spray-in liner, but it doesn’t have the same expensive price tag.

You can remove the BedTred Bed Liner as needed, and you can even put it in a new truck if you upgrade. It won’t fit the details as perfectly, but it will fit in the space. It also covers the floor and the walls of the bed.

Bed Mat

You may not need to protect the sides of the bed of your truck. If you are just concerned with providing some protection for the floor of the bed, a bed mat may be perfect.

A bed mat is like a carpet for the floor of your truck bed. It fits snugly around the wheel wells, and it can be designed like a carpet or a rubber mat, depending on your preference. Like the BedRug Bed Liner, it provides a softer landing place for your tools and equipment, and it keeps them from sliding around in the back.

Polyethylene Liner

A polyethylene liner is a plastic, full truck bed liner that covers the entirety of the bed, including the floor, sides and tail gate. The hard plastic liner provides optimal truck bed protection, including against dents and scratches.

The plastic liner is also waterproof, so the elements cannot rust the truck bed. A ridged design prevents water from pooling in one spot, which provides additional protection against moisture damage.

You can also use rubber mats and rug mats with the plastic liner to provide additional grip for heavy equipment and tools. The two used together provide maximum truck bed protection.

Tailgate Mat

Truckbed liners in Chandler
Even with your best efforts and the best cargo management tools, you still might get tools and equipment slamming into the tailgate and leaving behind dents and scratches. In addition, all that slamming into metal will damage your equipment and tools.

A tailgate mat provides a soft surface for those times that things do move around in your bed and slide to the back. The soft mat provides a cushiony surface that protects the inside of your interior and protects the equipment you have loaded in your truck.

You can use the tailgate mat on its own, or you can use it in conjunction with a bed liner. It is an inexpensive addition to your Chandler truck bed protection system.

Whatever kind of truck bed protection you need, Truck Access Plus has the accessories you need. We sell a variety of truck bed liners, tailgate mats and other accessories to protect your truck. We also sell cargo management systems, truck bed covers for trucks in Chandler, and other accessories to help you get the most out of your truck and to protect your investment. We carry a large inventory so that we have what you need in stock, and we offer same day installation. Explore our online catalog or give us a call to find the truck accessories you need.

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