Keeping Your Mesa Truck Cargo Safe: Cargo Management Options that Work

One of the top reasons to buy a truck is to give yourself more room to carry cargo, whether it’s yard equipment for your house or tools and other equipment for your business. But if you don’t use a truck bed cargo management system, all your tools and equipment will just slide around in the bed. Some might actually get damaged by slamming into the sides or into other equipment.

Cargo Bar

Large toolboxes, coolers, and equipment like generators or pressure washers can slide around in your truck bed and be a real hazard to other cargo in the truck. You can easily keep these items in place with a cargo bar.


The metal cargo bar stretches from one side of the truck bed to the other, and it blocks the items from sliding around. You can place the cargo bar anywhere in the bed that it’s needed, so it can accommodate any size equipment.

If you have multiple rows of boxes or equipment, just put one cargo bar in front of the lot. Just make sure that the bar holds things snugly in place. If there is any wiggle room, the items will just slide around behind the bar.

Access Cargo Management Kit

The Access Cargo Management Kit includes two options for keeping items from sliding around your truck bed. First, it has pockets that are made of diamond-plate aluminum and are attached to the sides of the bed. You can store small tools and other items in the pockets to keep them in place.

Second, it has a low cargo bar that can be placed anywhere in the bed to keep items in place.

DU-HA Humpstor

The space above your wheel wells can sometimes be awkward for storing items, but the DU-HA Humpstor allows you to take advantage of this area to store small items. The small toolbox is mounted on the side of the truck bed, over the wheel well. You get 2.3 cubic feet of storage space — double that if you use two.

The Humpstor is made of polyethylene for durability, and it has a rubber seal to keep out rain and dirt. It also includes a lock to keep your cargo safe from thieves.

Swing Case

You can move your toolbox storage to your tail gate with a swing case. The swing case looks like half a gate that opens out for easy access. Two cases together form the whole gate. UnderCover Swing Case Tool Box In Phoenix Arizona

Each swing case offers about 1.5 cubic feet of storage space, which is perfect for all your most-used tools. It also has a lockable lid for security, and it has a clearance of two inches from the bottom of the bed so you can still load large pieces of plywood and some lumber.

Deck Storage

You may not carry a lot of bulky equipment, which means you don’t necessarily need the full depth of your truck bed. In that case, you can take advantage of the vertical space in the bed by installing a deck storage system.

Deck storage raises the height of your truck bed floor, and it includes long drawers that slide under the new floor. You can store lumber, tools and other items while still having the entirety of your truck bed floor to carry smaller cargo. The drawers can also be sectioned off to keep the items inside organized.

Tuff Truck Bag

Keep large equipment covered and protected from the rain with a Tuff Truck Bag. This giant bag fits items that are up to 40x50x22 inches large, or it can offer up to 26 cubic feet of storage. You can use it for things like loose gravel or mulch also. The heavy-duty bag zips closed, and it can be latched in place with the rings on the four corners.

When the bag is not in use, it can be rolled up and stored in your toolbox. Adding one of our affordable Mesa Tonneau covers on top of your truck bed can also give your personal items another layer of protection.

Cargo Net

If your load is larger, you might consider a cargo net. You just strap the net over your load and attach it to the sides of your truck bed. Kargo Rachet Bar In Phoenix Arizona You can keep items from flying out of your bed, and you can keep them protected from the rain and other elements. The mesh fabric isn’t water proof, but it can reduce what passes through to your items. You can add another layer of protection with a tarp under the net.

You can buy a cargo net in multiple sizes, including one that covers the entire area of your truck bed.

Cargo Catch

The Cargo Catch helps to keep items organized that are too big for a toolbox but too small for a net or cargo bar. The Cargo Catch includes several cloth bins that can hold things like small bags of fertilizer, loose tools, and more. The bins are separated by mesh dividers to keep everything organized.

Cargo Revolver

The Cargo Revolver is like the Cargo Catch, but it has only two bins, and they are made of sturdy wire mesh. Think of them as two large crates in the back of your truck, helping you to keep items where you need them.

The Cargo Revolver is installed near the tailgate, giving you easy access to the items that you use the most. It is also a great tool for keeping groceries in place on your drive home. Since it is made of wire mesh, you don’t have to worry about dirt getting trapped inside and becoming unsanitary.

No matter what you carry in your truck, there is likely a solution to keep your bed organized. Truck Access Plus carries a wide variety of products for your truck bed cargo management. You can keep your truck bed cargo organized and safe, and you can keep all the items you need close at hand. Browse our online catalog to find the cargo management solutions you need.

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