Expert Maintenance Tips for Your Scottsdale Tonneau Cover

A tonneau cover is an essential accessory for your pickup truck. This truck bed cover helps to keep items in your bed from flying out or getting dirty, and it protects the bed itself by keeping out rain, dust, rocks, and other debris. It is essential during the Arizona monsoon season, when heavy winds and rains can saturate your truck bed and blow all kinds of debris into it.

Tonneau covers are usually made of leather, vinyl or some other soft material, so they require the proper maintenance to keep them from drying out and cracking. Fortunately, keeping them in top shape doesn’t take much effort. Here are a few things you need to do to keep your tonneau cover maintained:

Expert Maintenance Tips for Your Scottsdale Tonneau Cover

Expert Maintenance Tips for Your Scottsdale Tonneau Cover

If your truck has a tonneau cover, it is important to check for damages on a regular basis and to follow these basic maintenance tips.
Scottsdale, Arizona

Check Regularly for Signs of Damage

A small crack on a tonneau cover can quickly turn into a hole or a tear. You need to check for signs of cracks or other damage regularly to spot these problems early. You can treat the crack or other damage so that it doesn’t spread and create a problem that will ruin the cover.

Cracks can form under the intense heat of the Arizona summer or from the material drying out. Check the cover at least once a week, and follow these other maintenance tips to prevent them.

Check the Mounting Hardware Regularly

Mounting hardware can rust, become grimy, or come loose. Rust can cause damage to the cover, and if the cover is loose, it is more susceptible to ripping. While you are checking the state of the cover, make sure you check out the mounting hardware, as well. Make any repairs or perform any maintenance as necessary right away.

Check the Rails

Your Scottsdale tonneau cover opens and closes by sliding over rails on either side of the bed. Even if you don’t need anything in the bed of the truck, make sure you open and close the cover at least once a week to make sure the sliding mechanism is working properly. Again, if you discover any problems, perform maintenance or repairs immediately.

Rinse before Cleaning

Before you clean the cover, you need to flood it with water to thoroughly rinse away any grit that might be on the surface. If you start cleaning with a sponge or washcloth, you will only push the dirt and grit around on the surface and scratch it. Wet the entire surface liberally before you start cleaning.

Use Mild Soap and Water to Clean the Cover

Never use harsh cleansers on your tonneau cover, including dish liquid, detergents, bleaches, or household cleaners. Always use a mild soap and water to clean the cover, as well as a soft cloth or sponge. Be sure to wash the cover while your truck is in a shaded area, or else the sun’s rays will bake the soap right onto the cover while you are working.

Rinse Well

Tips on caring for your truck bed cover in Scottsdale
Don’t leave behind even a trace of soap. If you do, it will bake onto the cover and leave behind streaks that won’t be easy to remove. Rinse the cover thoroughly. When you think you are finished, rinse it again for good measure.

Rinse the Truck Also

While you are washing your tonneau cover, you are likely to spray soap onto the sides of your truck. Make sure that you thoroughly rinse off your truck when you are finished also, or else the soap will bake onto the paint. It won’t take long for that to happen under the Arizona sun, so make sure you work quickly.

Keep Heavy Items Off the Cover

Your Scottsdale truck bed cover may seem sturdy, but it is still made of soft materials. Putting any heavy items on it can break it or cause it to permanently sag. It won’t offer the same protection to your truck bed as it once did. Keep items off the cover to keep it maintained.

Truck Access Plus has all types of Scottsdale truck bed covers to suit your needs, including tonneau covers, retractable covers, hard folding covers, and more. We also have the parts you need to repair your cover if it has been damaged or has not been properly maintained. With the right care, your tonneau cover can last for many years. Explore our catalog to find a style that suits your truck or contact us today.

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