The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Between a Chandler Trifold, Retractable and Painted Truck Bed Covers

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Between a Chandler Trifold, Retractable and Painted Truck Bed Covers

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Between a Trifold, Retractable and Painted Truck Bed Covers

Here are some helpful tips to help you in choosing the right truck bed cover for your (truck’s) needs!
Chandler, Arizona

A Chandler tonneau cover, or as it is more commonly called truck bed cover, is without doubt one of the most useful and popular aftermarket parts you can add to your truck. And rightfully so. It protects your truck bed and its contents from the elements, adds security with locking features, can help save gas and looks fantastic to boot. It also prevents your items from flying of the back of your truck and being a hazard to other motorists.

Now that you have decided to add a tonneau cover to your truck, the question remains: What truck cover best suits my needs and which kind should I choose? There are so many different styles, types, and brands of tonneau covers available these days, selecting the right one, can be confusing and intimidating.

Here are some helpful tips to help you in choosing the right truck bed cover for your (truck’s) needs:

Trifold Covers:

Folding tonneau covers are a moderately priced solution if you are looking for a functional and good looking truck bed cover. Traditionally most foldable covers fold in three(sometimes four) sections and are secured and stored behind the cab and in front of the bed.

Typically trifolding tonneau covers are either made of solid panels or a type of soft vinyl sheet that spans the entity of the cover. Which option you should go for depends largely on your budget and your personal preference. A vinyl cover, of course adds less weight to your truck than a hard trifold would, and some prefer the smooth look of a soft trifold cover as it hides hinges, gaps and any other supporting frame work, while a hard trifold cover still shows the folds.

Either way, trifold covers fold up quickly and allow instant access to your truck bed and its content. If you are frequently hauling oversized cargo or other large items, this would be a good choice for you.

We like trifold covers because of the flexibility they give us. Depending on your cargo, you can shut them completely, or expose your truck bed in increments, always giving you as much access or security as you need.

Retractable Bed Covers:

Retractable bed covers are another great choice for your truck. Aluminum slats make up the uniform and robust surface of these covers and as added bonus retract into a canister in the truck bed. The benefit of this is that it looks sleek and the cover is stored out of sight, on the other hand, if you habitually haule items that require the full length of your truck bed, this is probably not the cover for you.

While these types of covers can be on the pricier side, the price is offset by their utility and convenience. For one, they are waterproof, which means that all your cargo will be safe and dry inside your completely concealed truck bed. This type of privacy is useful if you carry precious cargo or are looking for a place to hide holiday and birthday present, plus they lock, which means that your items are safe from unauthorized access.

If you want a top of the line retractable bed cover, you should look into remote controlled ones. With the push of a button, you can open or close your tonneau cover without having to break into sweat. This proves that tonneau covers can be functional and fun. We love retractable tonneau covers because they combine the ease of access of a trifold or soft cover, with the security of a hard cover. Basically it offers the best of both worlds.

Painted Truck Bed Covers:

Quality Chandler hard truck bed covers
Of course, a painted truck bed cover exemplifies the pinnacle of style. Instead of “just”covering the bed and looking like an aftermarket piece, these sleek fiberglass covers are painted to match your truck’s finish.

Many truck owners select fiberglass covers, because they look like they came with the truck. Additionally, they are safe and strong, and oftentimes removable (even though at over 100 lbs that can be a bit of a challenge).

Painted truck bed covers are the way to go when you are looking for a stylish solution that is functionally and still protects all your cargo. When the cover is locked in place, the tailgate cannot be opened. Much like other types of hard covers, these tonneau covers open with shocks that are attached to the inside of the cover. Because they are made of fiberglass and painted to match your truck, they are one of the priciest tonneau cover options available. But their look truly cannot be beat.

There are so many covers available that you will be sure to find the one that suits your needs and style. If you are traveling to job sites, you may want to look into bed covers that are designed to accommodate your tool box, or maybe even one that already comes with a tool box.

Maybe you are looking for a budget friendly option and have your sight set on a soft roll-up covers, whatever it is you are hoping to get from your tonneau cover, Truck Access Plus has the covers and the experience to help you to find the perfect tonneau cover.

To learn more about our same day install and all the covers and truck accessories we carry, contact us today or stop by our warehouse.

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