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If you love your truck, you want to make sure you treat it right. Through maintenance and the right truck accessories, your truck will run well, run longer, and look sharp as well. Keeping up a truck in Arizona may be a little more high maintenance with all the wear and tear that heat can do to a vehicle, but specific accessories for your truck can help keep the cargo you tow in good condition despite the heat. There are several great truck accessories that you can try. Luckily, most of these accessories are very easy to install.

unique truck accessories

Hard bed covers

Do you carry some precious cargo in your truck? Hard bed covers may be a good idea if you transport items that fit the height of your truck bed. A hard bed cover, also known as a hard tonneau, is a flat attachment accessory for your truck that attaches to the top of the truck bed, keeping everything within the bed in place. Hard bed covers usually come in folding designs, rolling designs, and clamshell designs. Hardware is included and great for an easy quick installation. Hard tonneaus are ideal for truck drivers that have cargo that should not be in direct sunlight in the Arizona heat or are loose and at risk for falling from the truck after a bad bump or swerve.

Soft bed covers

Like hard bed covers, soft bed covers are a great accessories to keep your cargo safe from the heat and safe from falling out of your truck. Soft bed covers are often composed of vinyl over a metal frame, and are more like a soft mat rather than a heavy duty thick plastic casing. Soft bed covers are usually more affordable yet are still an effective accessory to use for protecting your truck’s cargo. They are also very easy to remove as well. Soft tonneaus are ideal for truck enthusiasts that need easier access to their truck bed but also want that added protection.

Cargo management

Cargo management accessories are great for the trucker that needs access to parts of their truck bed but also needs some serious help with organization. There are tons of great cargo management accessories out there.

Bed slides are a genius invention– once installed, you essentially have an easy to pull extension of your truck bed for easy loading and unloading. No more struggling to hang over the door of your truck bed!

Cargo management bags, or “truck luggage” are handy soft luggage bags attached to poles that connect to the opposite sides of your truck bed. Keeping cargo management bags towards the door of your truck bed allows for quick access to tools and other items.

Then there’s the classic folding toolbox. A folding toolbox is an easy to attach toolbox that usually connects towards the cab of the truck within the truck bed. Folding tool boxes are handy and offer easy access to tools and other goods.

Cargo gates and bars are also a handy tool for protecting cargo, much like hard bed covers and soft bed covers. Cargo gates and bars usually attach towards the rear of the truck bed and keep cargo from sliding out over an open truck bed door.

Side entry steps and nerf bars

truck accessoriesSide entry steps and nerf bars are a lifesaver for truck with a steep step to enter the cab. Nerf bars and side entry steps attach just below the door of the cab and offer a stepping stool that does not need to be retracted or removed before taking off. Side entry steps are usually a bit wider for a more generous step while nerf bars are slimmer and simpler. Side steps and nerf bars are handy truck accessories and usually not too difficult to install, either. They are very inconspicuous and far from being an eyesore.

Bed liners

Bed liners are an easy to install truck accessory that lines the bottom (and sometimes sides) of your truck bed. Bed liners can be hard or soft. Soft bed liners serve as a sort of cushioning mat that is ideal for those that tailgate or transport cargo that is somewhat delicate or fragile. Hard bed liners are an added protection for your truck bed to keep it free from scratches and dents. Drop in style bed liners are usually the most popular for their crazy quick and easy installation.

Where can I get great truck accessories in Arizona?

Do you need great truck accessories for your Arizona truck? Look no further than Truck Access Plus. We are a quality local business located right in the heart of Phoenix. We are open six days a week and also have online ordering available. Why go for a big corporation for your truck accessories when you can buy local and get the accessories you need today? Truck Access Plus specializes in running boards and tonneau covers in Scottsdale. We offer same day installation and we have inventory on hands at all times. Give us a call or stop on in today!

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