How to Make my Roll-Up Tonneau Cover Last

Investing in the maintenance and care of your Chandler, Arizona truck is important. It is also important to invest in good truck accessories that will last for a long time. However, quality materials that make up your truck accessories can only go so far. Regular maintenance of your truck accessories will extend their life and add value to your vehicle. A high quality roll-up tonneau cover, or truck bed cover, is a good investment to make.

roll-up tonneau cover last

What is a tonneau cover?

A tonneau cover is a pickup Chandler truck bed cover that keeps cargo that fits the height of the truck bed safe and secure. These truck bed covers are especially handy in the Chandler heat for keeping specific sunlight sensitive cargo from being exposed to the sun directly, and are also great for keeping cargo from rattling around or falling out of the truck bed. Tonneau covers are flat surfaces that can be installed easily on your truck bed. They often come in hard and soft varieties, as well as roll-up, tri fold, and clamshell designs. These great accessories are very handy for truck owners, but for these products to last for a long time, they must be properly taken care of. So how do you make your roll-up tonneau cover last for as long as possible?

Close that truck bed cover

While roll-up truck bed covers are very handy for their flexibility, they are actually designed to stay closed for a majority of the time. When you are not transporting cargo or your truck bed is empty, keep your truck bed cover closed up. Leaving a roll-up tonneau cover rolled up when you are not using it could exposes the interior materials to a damaging amount of heat that will affect the roll-up tonneau cover’s longevity and functionality.

Tension is important – keep that truck bed cover sealed tight

Keep your roll-up tonneau truck bed cover sealed very tight. Loose roll-up tonneau covers will wear out before their time. Take advantage of the tension adjusters that most truck bed covers come with and get a precise tightness and seal to match your truck bed. Roll-up tonneau covers made of vinyl should sound like a bass drum when struck when it is at its best tightness. Always take advantage of the hooks that come with your roll-up tonneau cover for added tightness and security.

Clean and protect your truck bed

In Chandler especially, the sun’s rays will wear down just about everything over time. Many vinyl roll-up tonneau covers are manufactured with anti-UV technology and materials, but that will only last for so long. Treat your roll-up tonneau cover with a high-quality truck bed cover cleaner. Cleaners that are water based and pH balanced, and are specifically for vinyl, rubber, and leather surfaces are best. Cleaning is easy– just spray and wipe your cover every once in awhile. Not only will a cleaner keep up the condition of your roll-up tonneau cover, but it will make it look shiny and sharp as well.

Don’t forget the plastic trim

make roll-up tonneau cover lastThe plastic trim that surrounds your truck bed and tailgate should also be taken care of. Since these are the parts of your truck that your roll-up tonneau cover attached to usually, it should be maintained when you maintain your truck bed cover. Use a high quality cleaner and tonneau cover protectant that is safe for plastic surfaces to maintain those plastic parts and enhance how they look. An ideal truck bed cleaning solution and protectant will leave your roll-up tonneau cover and plastic bits around the truck bed shiny and fresh, but not greasy or slippery.

If you have some extra time on your hands, it would be a good idea to clean and treat your bumper as well. As stated above, make sure you’re using a cleaner and a protectant that is safe for plastic, rubber, vinyl, and leather. Also try to find a product that has a nice finish without the greasiness. For some added Chandler summertime climate protection, find a product that works well at repelling heat.

Where can I get a high quality roll-up tonneau cover in Chandler, Arizona?

Truck Access Plus is a local Phoenix, Arizona depot for all your truck accessory needs. We carry a wide variety of roll-up tonneau covers to suit your truck’s needs. We also carry retractable covers, hard folding covers, soft tri fold covers, hard painted covers, and more! If you can buy local and get your truck accessories today, why wait? Stop in to our Phoenix location to take a look at our wide range of high quality roll-up tonneau covers for your truck today.

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