The Many Benefits Of Grill Guards For Your Truck

Today we look at the benefits of purchasing Arizona grill guards for your truck. Grill guards provide a functional and cosmetic advantage for both SUV and truck owners. Functionality wise, grill guards can prevent damage from rocks, other vehicles, brush and low speed impacts. And many times they are used as a push bar for when you need to push a vehicle with your truck. Even though they are functional, grill guards are generally installed and purchased for their appearance more so than for their practical applications. It’s believed by many that adding a grill guard makes your truck look “tougher”, imbuing your truck with more perceived attitude.

grill guard benefits

A grill guard can be pretty simple to install, especially when you mount them into the holes that come standard on your truck’s frame. This makes the simple addition of an Arizona grill guard a simple trick that does wonders for the overall look of your truck or SUV. And there are many styles to choose from when considering purchasing a grill guard. A key difference between guards is noticeable in how much they protect the front end of your truck. But between the three styles, they all pretty much mount up in the same exact way. There are “full grill guards” and they protect the whole front end of your vehicle, which includes the headlights. When there is a grill guard installed they prevent any damage to your headlights that may be caused by random branches while not giving up any visibility. This is a popular style for off road vehicles who are having grill guards installed. The grill guard is composed of two vertical members that are connected to a tubing frame that covers up the headlights and the grill. Even more narrow bars are placed over the headlights for an added layer of protection.

The next type is center grill guards. Center grill guards are really very similar to full grill guards except for the protection of the headlights. They still have the same vertical members as the full grill guards, and they are connected over the grill by steel tubing. The only difference is that the bars and frame in front of the headlights is missing. And then there are bull bars. Sometimes known as sport bars or nudge bars, they are a lighter approach to keeping the front end of the vehicle protected. When they were originally designed they were made for serious off road driving when it would be necessary to contact the front end of the truck into a steep place where the driver would possibly want to climb. As a result of having the bar the truck would be able to bounce up allowing the front tires to climb up the slope.

If you only wanted bars on your truck to be able to help stranded motorists then the bull bars would make an excellent option. On a side note we would be remiss if we did not mention skid plates. Skid plates can be outfitted with bull bars. Basically they are metal plates that are placed in between the bars, situated underneath the truck. They are made to keep the engine oil pan away from rocks in the event that a bull bar is used in a four wheel drive capacity. Not only used for off road trucks, skid plates can be put on vehicles that have been lowered in order to keep the underside of your truck from making contact with the ground. But most times, skid plates are added more for their looks than anything else.

truck access plus grill guardSo how do you know which Arizona grill guard is best? First you will need to make sure that the grill guards are a good fit for the truck or SUV that you want to install them on. Distances between frame rails tend to vary, as well as the style of the front end of your truck. Many times the manufacturer will design the grill guards to match exactly to your truck’s design, how the front end is contoured and the space in between the headlights. So when you go looking for a grill guard you are going to want to make sure that what is available is also able to fit your truck. There are many models to choose from. That’s why you are going to want to come into Truck Access Plus. We have a massive on hand inventory of grill guards for you to choose from. So come on in today and have your grill guard installed while you wait. We look forward to seeing you.

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