AMP Power Steps Electric Running Boards

AMP Research are the innovators of automatic electric running boards. When you purcahse AMP Research products the manufactuer has it backed by a 5-year warranty and they are proudly made in the USA. AMP Electric Steps are the only side steps which automatically illuminate the step surface when doors open. The aluminum PowerSteps have a textured powder-coat finish for maximum grip and durability.

Jeep Electric Running Boards
What are AMP Power Steps? AMP Power Steps are electronic running boards. What does that mean? That means that these electronic running boards retract when your car is running or parked. How does that work? Whenever you close the door of your vehicle, the running board folds away. The AMP power steps retract and are visible when you open the door. In other words, the running step boards disappear whenever you are driving or your truck/SUV is parked. The running boards reappear when you open the door of your vehicle.

The following list are the top features for AMP Power Steps:

  • Low-profile, integrated LED Light System – Standard.
  • Automatically illuminates the step surface when doors open with a 5-minute auto-off feature
  • High-strength, die-cast aluminum-alloy linkage arms, anodized and Teflon ® coated to resist corrosion
  • Precision, zero-maintenance stainless-steel pivot pins
  • Extruded aluminum steps with a textured powder-coat finish for maximum grip and durability
  • 600 lbs. load capacity
  • Heavy-duty, weatherproof motor and drive system with anti-pinch technology for safe, year-round dependability

Compare these benefits with the following list of the features on a simple running boards:

  • Designed to complement any vehicle, the deluxe running boards have style, functionality and sophistication
  • Wide step area with full length, high quality, UV resistant non-slip surface
  • Heavy-duty extruded aluminum construction
  • Polished, marine grade stainless steel outer trim for long lasting beauty and easy maintenance
  • Easy Installation
  • Required mounting bracket kits are sold separately

Notice that the difference between the AMP power steps and the running boards are the weight capacity and LED light features.

Having the simple side steps running boards along your truck sounds financially convenient. No one has to mess with the electronics of your truck. A simple running board may be an easy installation and slip resistance, but isn’t a bother to always have it there? Most individuals that have big, lifted vehicles love to go on tough outdoor adventures.electric amp running boards About all outdoor adventures require a bundle, big and heaving equipment, for example camping, boating, or mountain climbing. In order to arrive to the appropriate location, camping site, a lake or mountain, a long and severe driving conditions might be required. If your truck has simple running boards along your truck, these running boards could get damaged. With AMP Power Steps, the boards will not be visible all the time. The power steps will stow neatly along the vehicle’s pocket panel, are built to withstand the toughest outdoor adventures and handle all-weather performance. The perfect boards to drive through severe environment.

Visit Truck Access Plus ask us about AMP power step personally. We offer a 5 year/60,000 miles warranty and we install the steps with a PLUG & PLAY PowerSteps. That mean that we don’t alter with the electronics of your vehicle. Truck Access Plus is credited A+ with the Better Business Bureau. Call us and make an appointment today to learn more about the AMP power steps.

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