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So just what is the fundamental differences between running boards and traditional side steps? Well they both accomplish the same basic goal which is assisting Arizona drivers and passengers getting into a vehicle that may be a little higher off the ground, all while changing the overall “look” of your lifted truck. They both accomplish adding function and style to any vehicle. But it’s how each one of these accomplish that goal that differentiates one type of side step from another for your truck. Traditional side steps are the most basic and the most popular for truck owners shopping for them. To start, traditional side steps are smaller and less noticeable that other running boards. Also, they tend to be much less expensive or the two styles on top of being the easiest in terms of installation. They also tend to be more versatile. Small side steps are most usually thought of to be installed under both the passenger and driver side doors, but sometimes they can be placed to the back of your truck making it easier to get in and out of your truck bed. But there are a couple of key points that cannot be ignored when it comes to choosing the best side steps for your truck. There are many options available to those looking for the perfect side step or running boards and they are worth noting if you are in the market for either product. As mentioned before, these considerations include the weight capacity of the side steps or running boards, the length, and the style.

Nerf Bars & Step Boards

So what’s the difference between the style of side steps versus running boards for your truck? Well there is not too much between the products that is overtly unique to either, but the main difference would definitely have to be the aesthetics of the two, or how they look. The difference stands out when comparing the two products. For example, molded running boards tend to blend in more with the colors and seams of the truck. While smaller side steps tend to fade into the truck, making every attempt to be inconspicuous. One of the best ways to decide between the two is to look at both options displayed on the same model of truck. Another factor is weight capacity. The weight capacity really has little to do with the look of a side step or running board, but how much weight they can support is definitely an important aspect to each product.

Truck Running Boards

One of the great things about owning your own vehicle is that we are able to customize how your car or truck looks by adding accessories that were made for both style and functionality. One popular accessory among Arizona truck drivers is side steps, also known as running boards. Deciding to purchase side steps for your truck is a perfect way to get the function you need along with the custom style we all want. There is a lot to know when it comes to buying side steps for your truck, and we’ll hit on a couple of those things today. We’ll attempt to help truck owners understand the differences between running boards and side steps when purchasing these accessories for your vehicle. There are a couple of important facts to consider when evaluating running boards or the more traditional side steps, and they are length, weight capacity and style. And we’ll attempt to show you where you can get what you’re looking for and at a great price.

Once you have decided what functions you need and what style you want you can find a massive selection of side steps AND running boards by coming on in to Truck Access Plus. We have all the makes and models to choose from so you know you will find a proper fit for your Arizona truck. As an added bonus, since we carry such a large selection on hand, many times you can have them installed on your truck while you wait since there is no need to order the parts. As well we also carry tonneau truck bed covers in Mesa. So come on in today and find the side steps or running boards you’ve been looking for. We look forward to seeing you.

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