Best Ford F-150 Truck Bed Cover Styles

There are many styles of truck bed covers or “tonneau covers” available for Ford F-150 pickup trucks. The most popular styles of truck bed cover on a F-150 today provide functionality, style, security, and weather protection. Making the decision to cover the F-150 truck bed will be the smartest investment to make on your new F-150 pickup.


Researching about F-150 truck bed covers online is a very frustrating time because there are so many brands, pricing, and styles of F-150 tonneau covers. Spending hours researching about F-150 bed covers, watching videos of how to install F150 truck bed covers, and looking for the best pricing are all essential to make the right decision  There are many Ford F-150 truck bed cover manufacturers located in the USA. The industry leading brands are: BAKFlip, Extang, Truxedo, Roll N Lock, Retrax, and UnderCover. These manufacturing facilities are all owned and operated by Truck Hero. Purchasing a F-150 bed cover from your local retailer is a wise choice because most shop owners will take care of warranty defects or missing parts.


There are 3 different sizes of Ford F-150 truck beds available: 5.5′ short bed, 6.5′ standard bed, and 8′ long bed. Most Ford F-150 pickup trucks today are short bed pickup trucks. Owning a folding bed cover while having a F-150 short bed pickup means maintaining maximum bed usage and easily remove when needed. The economical truck bed covers for F-150 truck owners are the soft folding bed covers and soft roll up tonneau covers. These will keep valuable cargo out of sight and protected from prying eyes in parking lots. You can find very cheap truck bed covers for F-150 pickups, however you get what you pay for. Americas’s best selling soft folding truck bed cover is the Extang Trifecta 2.0 because it has the highest quality vinyl, best weather-sealing, strongest frame, secure clamping system, and best appearance.


A retractable truck bed cover is the easiest style of tonneau cover to use on Ford F-150 pickup trucks. The two best brands of retractable truck bed covers are Retrax and Roll N Lock. These companies manufacturer secure hard rolling bed covers which retract into a compact storage canister. The security of a retractable bed cover will provide piece-of-mind knowing valuable cargo is protected. The retractable bed covers are key lockable along rail system and are strong enough to stand on.