Choosing between Tri-Fold, Retractable, and Roll-Up Scottsdale Truck Bed Covers

Truck bed covers are essential accessories for your Scottsdale truck. They protect the bed from rain, salt, and other elements that can contribute to rust. They also keep out leaves and other debris that can make your truck dirty and clog up equipment that you store in the back of the truck. Bed covers also keep equipment out of sight, deterring thieves.

You have plenty of options for truck bed covers, ranging from the traditional camper shell to the more modern and stylish Tonneau covers. Some of the most popular Scottsdale Tonneau covers include the tri-fold, retractable and roll-up covers. Here are a few things to consider when selecting a bed cover:

Tri-fold Hard Folding Truck Bed Cover at Truck Access Plus

Tri-Fold Cover

A tri-fold cover is a firm cover that is broken into three panels connected by hinges. It can be made of hard plastic, rubber, or another rigid material, and it may be covered by a soft layer of vinyl or leather. The firm cover provides additional protection against the elements, such as a falling branch or hail. The hinges make it easy to open the cover as needed.

The downside to the tri-fold cover is that some may find it cumbersome to fold back, especially if two of the sections need to be opened. Perception of use depends primarily on personal preference.

Retractable truck bed covers available in Scottsdale Arizona

Retractable Cover

Retractable covers are made of thin slats of hard plastic, metal, or another rigid material. The cover retracts into a roll at the head of the bed, and the roll is hidden under the cover. Some retractable covers push back manually, and some can be operated by a remote control, making them very easy to use.

The advantage of retractable covers is that they are rigid and provide superior coverage to a cloth cover. They are also easy to use and can be opened to any length desired. The downside of retractable covers is that the individual slats are vulnerable on their own, and the cracks between them mean that the cover is not water tight.

Roll Up Bed Covers For Your Scottsdale Truck

Roll-Up Cover

A roll-up cover is similar to a retractable cover. The difference is that it doesn’t pull back flat into a single roll at the head of the bed. Instead, it rolls the length of the bed on top of itself. The advantages and disadvantages are the same as the retractable cover with one addition: You may not like the look of the roll-up cover since it creates more bulk on the top when it is being rolled.

Whatever truck bed cover you choose, Truck Access Plus has a selection of high-quality and affordable options in different styles. You can find the perfect cover for your Scottsdale truck and your budget. We also carry a selection of accessories for cargo management, such as bed extenders, cargo gates, swing cases, and more. Explore our catalog of truck bed covers and accessories to find everything you need for your Scottsdale truck. You’ll improve your truck’s functionality while also protecting your investment.

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