Comparing Phoenix Truck Bed Covers:
Tonneau Covers, Canopy Covers and Camper Shells

You buy a truck because you need a convenient way to haul cargo, whether it be your equipment for work or furniture for your home. A truck bed cover will protect the equipment that you keep in the truck from rain and other elements. When nothing is in the bed, the cover will protect the bed itself from the elements to prevent rusting and other damage.

You have many options for truck bed covers, ranging from tonneau covers to old-school camper shells. Here’s what you need to know about the options for your Phoenix truck:

Tonneau Covers

Tonneau covers lie flat against the top of the bed. They are made from leather, vinyl, canvas, plastic, or another sturdy material. Several types of tonneau cover are available. Some roll out from the top, and some fold back in panels.

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A Phoenix tonneau cover is an ideal choice for keeping the bed covered when it’s not in use. It keeps debris out of the bed and creates a clean look for the truck. However, if you want to keep larger equipment in the bed, the tonneau cover will not leave enough room for it.

Canopy Cover

A canopy cover looks like what you’d see on a military jeep. It is a canopy draped over a metal frame. You’ll typically see these covers on work trucks that carry a lot of heavy duty equipment or bulk materials, such as mulch or top soil. The soft cover provides some protection but also offers some flexibility for larger or irregularly shaped items. Canopy covers are also used when transporting animals since they provide some space for air flow.

Camper Shell

A camper shell is a traditional truck bed cover. The hard shell creates a lot more room for carrying cargo in the truck. The shell essentially adds a roof and walls to the bed that are equivalent to the height and width of the cab. With the camper shell, you turn your truck into an SUV (without the back rows of seating). You can protect your larger equipment from rain and other damaging elements.

A camper shell also improves the security of items that you store in your truck’s bed. The shell can be locked so the equipment won’t be stolen right out of the back of your truck.

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