Transforming the Chevy Silverado for Overland Adventures: A Journey with Truck Access Plus


Embarking on an important camping trip and embracing a vibrant outdoor lifestyle requires a reliable and versatile vehicle. One such vehicle that recently visited Truck Access Plus, a renowned automotive customization hub, was a Chevy Silverado. This powerful pickup truck underwent an impressive transformation, tailored to meet the specific needs of an adventurous client. Through the expert installation of various accessories, Truck Access Plus helped elevate the Chevy Silverado’s capabilities to new heights.

RetraxPRO XR: Unleashing Versatility and Security
At the heart of the transformation lay the RetraxPRO XR retractable cover. Crafted from sturdy aluminum, this cover offered not only enhanced protection for the truck bed but also a sleek appearance. Its lockable design provided peace of mind, ensuring the security of valuable gear and equipment during outdoor excursions. Equipped with a convenient t-slot rail system, the RetraxPRO XR allowed for easy integration of rack accessories, enabling the mounting of additional gear for various adventures. To further instill confidence, the RetraxPRO XR came with a lifetime warranty, reflecting its exceptional durability.

Yakima Outpost HD Bed Rack System: Amplifying Utility
The team at Truck Access Plus also installed the Yakima Outpost HD bed rack system, a key component in maximizing the Silverado’s carrying capacity. This robust rack system provided a solid foundation for various attachments, allowing the truck to transport bulky items such as bikes, kayaks, and rooftop tents. Atop the rack, the Yakima Lock n Load platform took center stage, offering a secure and expansive space for additional cargo. The integration of the bed rack system and platform seamlessly transformed the Silverado into an efficient and adaptable outdoor companion.

Rugged Cases Toolboxes, Rooftop Tent, and Kayak Holders: Ready for Adventure
Recognizing the importance of organization and accessibility, Truck Access Plus equipped the Chevy Silverado with Rugged Cases toolboxes. These sturdy storage solutions ensured that essential tools and equipment remained safe and well-organized, readily available whenever the need arose. Additionally, a rooftop tent was installed, providing a comfortable and elevated sleeping area during camping trips. For avid kayakers, the inclusion of kayak holders made transporting watercraft effortless, allowing for spontaneous paddling adventures.

Cargo Glide: Easy Access and Convenience
To further enhance functionality, Truck Access Plus installed a Cargo Glide, a sliding cargo tray system designed to simplify the loading and unloading process. This feature allowed the Silverado’s owner to effortlessly access heavy or hard-to-reach items stored in the truck bed. The Cargo Glide not only increased efficiency but also reduced strain on the back, making it an indispensable addition for those seeking seamless outdoor experiences.

With the expertise of Truck Access Plus, the Chevy Silverado underwent a remarkable overland build, tailored to the client’s outdoor lifestyle and camping aspirations. The RetraxPRO XR retractable cover, Yakima Outpost HD bed rack system, Yakima Lock n Load platform, Rugged Cases toolboxes, rooftop tent, kayak holders, and Cargo Glide all contributed to transforming the truck into a versatile and capable companion for outdoor adventures. Whether you’re in need of similar accessories or seeking professional installation, Truck Access Plus in Phoenix, AZ is the go-to destination. Call 602-273-9284 or email their team to order online and have your products shipped right to your door, ensuring you’re ready to embark on your own unforgettable journey.