2019-2024 Ram Retractable Truck Bed Covers

Truck Access Plus takes pride in offering top-of-the-line retractable tonneau covers for the 2019-2024 Ram 1500 with the new body style. Among their impressive selection, the RetraxPRO XR stands out as a premium choice for truck owners seeking both style and functionality.

The RetraxPRO XR retractable tonneau cover is renowned for its durable construction and sleek design. Crafted from high-quality aluminum panels, this cover ensures strength and longevity. Its matte black finish adds a touch of sophistication to the truck bed while protecting it from the elements.

One of the standout features of the RetraxPRO XR is its retractable design, providing truck owners with the flexibility to easily access their cargo. The cover smoothly retracts into a canister at the front of the bed, offering full access to the truck bed when needed. This is particularly convenient for loading and unloading large or heavy items.

The patented low-profile design of the RetraxPRO XR adds to the aesthetic appeal of the Ram 1500. It sits flush with the truck bed, creating a seamless and integrated look. This sleek design not only enhances the truck’s overall appearance but also contributes to improved aerodynamics, potentially enhancing fuel efficiency.

Durability is a key factor in the RetraxPRO XR’s design. The cover is built to withstand tough weather conditions, ensuring that it remains functional and reliable over the long term. The aluminum construction is resistant to corrosion, and the sealed ball-bearing rollers contribute to smooth operation, preventing any issues with the cover’s retracting mechanism.

Truck Access Plus understands the importance of easy installation for truck accessories. The RetraxPRO XR is designed with a straightforward clamp-on installation process, eliminating the need for complicated tools or professional assistance. This user-friendly feature allows truck owners to enjoy the benefits of their retractable tonneau cover quickly and hassle-free.

In summary, the RetraxPRO XR retractable tonneau cover, available at Truck Access Plus, is an excellent choice for Ram 1500 owners looking to combine style, durability, and functionality. With its sleek design, easy operation, and robust construction, this tonneau cover is a valuable addition to any truck bed, providing security and convenience for your cargo.