Ie without subtracting previously paid benefits. The reason for the planned action is the judgment of 17 December 2015 (ref. No. Act VI U 2161/13) issued by the District Court in Szczecin VI Department of Labor and Social Security, which became final on January 23 this year. ZUS is not appealed against it to the Court of Appeal. – This is the first such a decision, which grants the right to a pension under the old rules a person who previously had charged service – says Jolanta Kaiser of Augustow, which coordinates action to change the rules on early retirement.

The dispute over the money in a final judgment judges pointed out that the date of achieving universal retirement age – not the date of the application to the Social Insurance Institution – determines the method of calculating the amount of benefit. Thus, there is no legal basis to persons who by the end of December 2012. Reached the standard retirement age (60 years – women and men 65 years), were also reduced wypłaty.zobacz Poles save the pension system. They want to work longer “Lowering the retirement age? SN: Only restricted to duplicating benefits »The reason dealing with the case by the District Court in Szczecin appeal was insured, which in August 2013. Submitted a request for the provision of the universal age.

Woman since 2007. When he graduated 55 years, received a early retirement. In October of 2012. He reached 60 years, but did not request. Only after such deposit, it turned out that the Social Insurance Institution calculates its provision on the basis of the new rules under the Act of 11 May 2012.

Amending the law on pensions from the Social Insurance Fund and certain other acts (Journal of Laws of 2012. pos. 637). On this basis, the new old-age pension was reduced by the amounts previously collected benefits. As a result, the woman had to get 1,583.92 zł 1,990.07 zł instead. The judges hearing the appeal requested the legal question to the Constitutional Court. However, this decision of 3 November 2015 (ref.

No. No. P 11/14) discontinued pending before the proceedings in the present case because of the inadmissibility of the judgment. Tribunal held that the court may issue a ruling on the basis of the current rules. So it happened.

Judges retirement traps, issuing a favorable judgment for the insured, pointed out that the basic principle of pension benefits is that the power to them arises by operation of law on the date of fulfillment of all the conditions required for their acquisition (Art. 100 of the Law on Social Insurance Fund). – It is not dependent on the submission of an application by a person or determine the right decision of the pension institution. Must be considered that the proposal is only request realize the benefits to the acquisition of which occurred under the same law – explains judgment Ewelina Locksmith, legal adviser of Omega Lawyers Prawne.zobacz also were to be starvation, are high. Partial retirement boom “Such a position was taken by the Supreme Court in its judgments of 14 September 2014., And the UK and 19/14 of 4 November 2014. (Ref. Act I UK 100/14).

But since the matter concerned the pension, social insurance and so the government approached the matter differently. And that’s why every early retiree who, despite an age pension under the old rules did not manage to submit an application to the end of 2012., Was to have reduced performance. – In the case of this judgment, so we have to deal with the principle of protection of acquired rights. It allows you to protect citizens against the loss of rights acquired at the time of unfavorable changes in regulations – indicates Ewelina Locksmith. Important for other experts have no doubt that this is an important judgment for the insured. As explained by Andrew DGP Radzisława, legal adviser of, a person opting for this solution, because she could not assume that such a decision will be that in the future the amount of the benefit will be determined on less favorable terms than a pension person that such a solution He did not exercise. – The arguments in support of this judgment may be used in litigation from ZUS by other people who are in a similar situation – adds Andrzej Radzisława Pensioners are hoping that by the time the courts will be blocked by lawsuits of people demanding a favorable conversion of pensions after retirement, Members prepare an amendment to the pension law.

The more that the National Commission of “Solidarity” demands from MPs for urgent legislative changes in this case. The rules for applying for a pension from ZUS Source: Dziennik Gazeta Prawna Charles Jagielski, Spokesperson ZUS Branch in Szczecin: In this case, the District Court in Szczecin asked a legal question to the Constitutional Court whether Article. 1 point 6 point b of the Act of 11 May 2012. amending the law on pensions from the Social Insurance Fund and certain other laws in connection with art. 22 of this Act, adding to the Act of 17 December 1998. On pensions from the Social Insurance Fund Art. 25 paragraph. 1b, to the extent that applies to persons who have acquired the right to a pension of the kind referred to in Article.

24 of the Law on the Social Security Fund, prior to the entry into force of the Amending Act of 2012. Is in conformity with Article. 2 and art. 32 Constitution. The amending Act did not contain transitional provisions relating to persons who on the date of entry into force of the amendment have already had an established right to “early retirement”.

Article. 22 indicated that it enters into force on 1 January 2013. When it comes to retirement benefits – in principle – the right to them arises from the date of fulfillment of all the conditions required for their acquisition (in accordance with Art. 100 sec. 1 of the Act on pensions and pensions from the Social Insurance Fund). Szczecin Regional Court considered accurate view of the Constitutional Court contained in the order made in this case.

The Constitutional Court held that the situation which existed to assess the need analogy to other situations in which the legislature has modified the conditions of entitlement to insurance benefits społecznego.Należy pay special attention to the Supreme Court judgment of 4 November 2014 (ref. No. 100/14 UK Act I ) and of 14 September 2014. ((ref. act I UK 100/14). the court hearing the matter held that if the legislature by 1 January 2013. does not differentiate the situation of persons benefiting from early retirement and those not benefiting from this privilege in the calculation of the amount of the pension payable at the age of universal (pursuant to art. 24 of the Act on pensions from the Social Insurance Fund) and from 1 January 2013. pointed to a new rule in the form of deductions from the amount of the pension basis (referred to in art. 24) by the sum of previously downloaded pensions granted before the statutory retirement age, that there was no reason to apply this principle to the insured eczonych who are eligible for early retirement received prior to the entry into force of the regulation – that is, before 1 January 2013 finalized the present case, there was no basis for the calculation of the normal retirement pension based on the provisions in force since 1 January 2013. If the insured acquired the right to benefits even in 2012, r., when the new rules do not apply, due to the amount of the benefit had to be calculated taking into account the regulations in force before the January zmianą.Organ pension, after hearing the reasons for judgment of the District Court, he found it fully upheld. The case for the part of local governments is urgent, because it eliminated are the next bus lines, and time is short.

Especially that this year will go to secondary school students twice – after the reform of education and elimination of middle schools, municipalities are obliged to provide access only elementary school students. An example is the county in Węgorzewo, which is currently examining the need for transport of children. Asked for information to the directors of institutions, went talks with carriers to run the line, which will go a dozen students from one of the municipalities. The problem is, because in Wegorzewo and Ketrzyn June 22 stopped conduct courses Arriva, which a few years ago bought a local bus-y and provide rides residents. Its branches in the following towns – Prudnik, Sędziszów Małopolski, Bielsko Podlaski and Kedzierzyn-Kozle – closes July 1. According to experts, communication white spots on the map to enlarge and subsequent carriers are withdrawing from the local markets.

Some high school without the support of local governments want before the beginning of the school year to patch the communication hole and counts on money from the fund pekaesowego. The Law on Development Fund of bus public utility (Journal of Laws of 2019. Pos. 1123) will come into force on July 18 – after the division of the province between local governments will be able to apply for funding the deficit. Some even have taken radical steps and began to liquidate existing connections or delaying the launch of new – because residents without private transport with access to holidays can be even more trouble than usual.

It’s about art. 22 paragraph. 1 of the Act, according to which part of the local government means that you will only subsidize new lines. Although – as Martin notes Gromadzki of Public Transport Consulting – the matter is not clear. See also: PKS s not for the disabled “- If the jurisdiction of the organizer function only calls the commercial, the local government has no contract with the operator – then any contract concluded after the entry into force of the Act will authorize to apply for funding – says DGP.

Disregard the transport needs of residents has serious consequences, because – as emphasized expert. Transport from the Jagiellonian Club Bartosz Jakubowski – for years on the Polish province of the students go to the school to which they are guaranteed access. – No connection to the district towns do not drive to secondary and technical students from smaller towns, including the excluded-connected villages. Here it weighed the future of young people. Someone would go to the mechanical technical, but there is nothing to get to school, and will select, for example, zawodówkę – emphasizes. Local Government Districts vacation that you will want to fight for transportation for high school students and technicians, will have to hurry.

The procedure for the submission of the application is not simple, and in perspective, we have the holiday season. – To apply for funds, you must have a contract with the operator concluded after the entry into force of the Act, ie after July 17. To turn enter into a contract, you need to obtain the consent of the council, which previously would probably be familiar with its contents – says Marcin Gromadzki. And how it emphasizes contracts commonly in cities with public transport operators, meeting all the requirements of the Act on public transport (Journal of Laws of 2010. Pos. 13, as amended.) And Regulation 1370/2007 of the European Community have a standard 60 pages. – Today, municipalities and counties are not even prepared to HR development and conclusion of such complex agreements – notes the expert.

See also: Money on a new bus-y »Bartosz Jakubowski adds that some local governments will still have to amend the budget to be able to make the required 10 percent. minimum to the deficient line. – Most of the counties around Warsaw does not have a transport plan, despite the fact that they have such a statutory obligation. Some of them do not have secured any funds for public transport – indicates. One of the positive examples of caring for the needs of district students is Lipno (Kujawsko-Pomeranian). There, improved public transport, precisely because of the needs of learners of children. Which – as the expert notes the Jagiellonian Club – returns a double. – Students pay for the ticket, and in addition will come after them educational subsidy – adds. Polish Resistance economy crises is not appreciated / ** / (function (d, s, d) {var js = vtjs d.getElementsByTagName (s) [0]; if (d.getElementById (d)) return; js = d.createElement (s); = id; js.src = “” vtjs.parentNode.insertBefore (js vtjs)} (document, “script “” vt-SDK “)); / ** / I would like to apologize to all those who feel touched by my statement for the Kurier Lubelski.

Statements given to the phone is not authorized. During the conversation I mentioned that I am a international student exchange and the exchange of secondary school should develop. On the other hand, of course, it has no connection with the ongoing recruitment to first grades – wrote on his official Facebook profile Stanisławek. “The sense of responsibility for the welfare of the camp, but United decided to Right to resign from the position of deputy minister of science and higher education” – refers to statements poinformował.Sprawa Stanisławka published in “Kurier Lubelski” in the article “checked black scenario. Despair students and parents” on recruitment problems and high schools students in Lublin who did not get selected szkół.Jak to the newspaper, the senator points out several times that he the government does not deal with education. “The Minister Anna Zalewska ensured that all students will be the place. It was hard not to believe it. I can only deplore the current situation” – says Stanisławek newspaper. “Maybe there are places for everyone, but disproportionately distributed. Maybe not in every city the situation has already been fully examined,” – adds Stanisławek.Na end of the article is quoted another of his statement: “Such a thought comes to mind that you may need to use the student solutions.

I do not know, is there a chance for this, but perhaps the students who did not get into any school, they can look for suitable abroad “- said Stanisławek” Kurier Lubelski “.Tzw. Double year – students who have completed primary and secondary schools – will meet in the coming school year in secondary schools. Following the recommendations of the Ministry of Education, heads of schools increased the number of troops in institutions. This does not guarantee that all students get into wymarzonych schools. In connection with the recruitment and missing places in schools in Lublin they went on strike, students who in the Board of Education met with the curator Teresa Misiuk. He spoke about the debate that wyznaczyłaby directions of reforming the system. He would like to invite the widest possible range of stakeholders, but drew attention to the special role of local governments that manage a large part of the healthcare institutions.

It was hard to get away from him as the problem of staff shortages, also in the context of dialogue with residents, where the minister really depends. He admitted that one of the problems of our health care system is disadvantageous pyramid age among both physicians and nurses.